Hot Pink & Zebra Bathing Suit
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You will love this zebra and hot pink ruffled bathing suit! What a cute way to start the summer!

These suits are zebra print with hot pink ruffles at the top and sides. The halter top is made wtih an adjustable strap, and opens and closes- the straps do NOT tie so you don't have to worry about choking.

Size Chart- the ages listed here are only reccomendations! Every child is different. For the most accurate sizing please measure carefully.

Large: half breast - 9.5-10 inches

height from breast- 14 inches

Reccomended for ages 18-24 months


X-L- half breast- 10 inches

height from breast- 15 inches

Reccomended up to 3 t

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Hot Pink & Zebra Bathing Suit

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